The national epidemic of people abusing prescription opioids is especially bad in Amarillo.

The federal government has responded to this health crisis in 2014 by raising hydrophone up on the drug schedule list from III to II which makes phone in prescriptions illegal.  The CDC has also released new guidelines for doctors on when and when not to prescribe addictive pain killers and when they are indicated to prescribe smaller amounts to prevent patients from having an excess left over tempting them or any potential addicts in the household.

Abuse is especially bad in Amarillo. Castlight Health has released a report listing the cities with the worst problem with opioid abuse.  Amarillo ranked as the 13th worst nationally for opioid abusers and 10th for opioid prescriptions abused in the workforce.

Beginning August 1st the drug that is used to counteract an opioid overdose, naloxone will be available over-the-counter.  This will allow family members of addicts to have it on hand should it be needed.