The controversial tent pole project of downtown redevelopment, The Multi-Purpose Event Venue or MPEV has only one organization interested in running it.

The MPEV will be built.  This much we know.  What is unknown is whether the MPEV will or will not include a baseball stadium.  We also don't know who will run it.

Whether the MPEV, which looks pretty much like a baseball stadium, will include a baseball stadium or not will be decided during a November election.  The issue of who will oversee and run the facility was opened up for bids which included interested parties filing a Request for Qualification (RFQ).  Only one company submitted a RFQ and apparently only one company is interested in managing the facility.

That company is the Amarillo Baseball Club, LLC, parent company of the Amarillo Thunderheads, the team that expects to use the MPEV for baseball.

In light of the coming election which will determine if the MPEV will include baseball facilities, Amarillo Baseball Club has suspended it's bid to manage the facility until after the election.  Presumably if they can't play baseball in it, they don't want to manage it.

Looking at the artwork for the MPEV and mentally subtracting the baseball stadium leaves little left but an empty field.  You have to have a pretty good imagination the see anything else there, sans the baseball facility.

The vote on inclusion of the baseball facility in the MPEV has got to be the most interesting and controversial issue to be on the ballot in Amarillo in at least 10 years.  If you are not registered to vote you have until October 5th to submit your intention to vote.