And you don't want to mess with them.

The Department of Public Safety has reported that over one million Texans officially have a license to carry a handgun.

As of January 1st, it is legal to open carry in Texas with a license. Since then, Texas has seen a 100+% increase in the number of applications for the license.

According to new sources, over 3,000 licenses were issued in Potter and Randall Counties last year.

To obtain a license to carry in Potter County, you must apply online, submit official fingerprints, take a four- to six-hour classroom course, and pass a written exam. However, even if you complete all of those things, the DPS can choose to reject your application based on your background check. For instance, you are ineligible to receive a license if you were convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor within five years of your application.

The Texas Department of Public Safety website has a list of certified instructors if you're interested in finding a class in the Amarillo area.