After a contentious Amarillo City Council yesterday some proposals were made for the next meeting concerning the Amarillo City Manager.

All issues on the agenda for City Council meetings have to be discussed and scheduled.  Yesterday new members of the City Council managed to get a review of City Manager Jarrett Atkinson and his job status on the agenda for the next meeting.

At least one new City Council member is calling for the resignation of the City Manager.  Jarrett Atkinson says he has no plans to step down.

In addition to seeking to have Atkinson, Councilman Randy Burkett also wants the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation and the status of it's board members on the next agenda.  Burkett has asked for the resignations of all members of the AEDC board.  Burkett believes he was elected because the city wanted a change of leadership and the resignations or terminations he has asked for are in line with what voters have expressed a desire to see happen.

The City of Amarillo has faced criticism for Animal Management & Welfare, Downtown Redevelopment and most recently a "Watergate" of sorts with billing issues with estimated bills the city sent out last month.