Renaming a stretch of a north Amarillo street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard has been pushed back.

City councilman Elisha Demerson proposed the renaming of the stretch of road last month.

The change of Southwest 3rd to Northwest 24th to honor the civil rights leader hit a snag when interim city manager Terry Childers was studying the proposal and realized the City of Amarillo has no policy or guidelines regarding the renaming of streets.

New city planner AJ Fawver has outlined a procedure for the renaming of streets and will present the plan soon.

A significant part of the policy is making sure affected residents and businesses have to be notified with other parties like utilities and the post office.

With any request to rename a street an information meeting will be required to declare the reason for the change and allow citizens to register their thoughts on the proposed change.

With the new policy it could take three to six months for the change to Martin Luther King, Jr..