It seems a bit counter intuitive.  We've had barely a lick of rain this summer yet the city is about to charge us each month to move this non-existent water?  Sounds about right.

Actually it makes a lot of sense.  I was unaware that improvement to Amarillo's storm drainage system was not in the budget.  It was dealt with on an 'as needed' basis.  When trouble hit, other services from the city had to be cut back.

Not any longer.

The city has approved a new fee that will soon be appearing on your water bill.  The charge will be based on the size of your home.  This will run from a little over $1.50 to as high as nearly $4.00.  Commercial properties are looking at a flat fee of just under $40.00.

This fee is not unique to Amarillo and the city states we are one of the last city's of our size to start charging the fee.

And it is a fee, not a tax.  By law the money can only be spent on drainage improvements or repair.  The city is sending out informative postcards and you should be seeing one in your mail soon.

I know in the 1930's the rain didn't exactly follow the plow as it was supposed to, but here's hoping the rain follows the drain in our area.