Reports show that 274 American Troops' remains were dumped in a Virginia landfill during a four year period ending in 2008. This number is much higher than the military originally acknowledged.

The news source stated that the incinerated remains were sent to King George County Landfill in VA. This was based on a report from Dover Airbase Mortuary where the remains of most of our KIA return.

"In many cases, what happens is that the morgue at Dover isn't able to identify all the remains until after a funeral or until the body is returned to the family," Craig Whitlock, one of two journalists who reported the story for the Post told NPR.

The Air Force previously stated that there was no way to estimate the number of remains disposed of in this manner. Later, military records showed that the remains of at least 274 military personnel were disposed of in this manner. Another 1800 unidentified remains were disposed of in the same way, according to sources.

"Their first records of it occurring were back in 2004, but we also have emails and other correspondence from mortuary officials that indicate this was the practice going back to the '90s," he told NPR.

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