It's problem any city of size must contend with.  Mayor Harpole has been inspired by a program in Albuquerque to help deal with the homeless.

The plan instituted by Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry sees that city picking up the homeless and employing them for the day.  The temporary hires work on city beautification for the New Mexico city.

Mayor Harpole thinks that's an idea that could work here in Amarillo and our city's homeless.  They will also work on beautification projects including weed abatement.  In Albuquerque homeless people working for the New Mexico city earn a little of minimum wage.

Our mayor does not believe another homeless shelter is the right move for Amarillo.  It is thought the city has plenty of available beds and constructing a new facility would do little to alleviate the problem of the homeless sleeping on the street.

The idea was submitted to the city manager about two weeks ago to ascertain the logistics of the program.