Due to the extreme drought conditions and blistering heat, the City Of Amarillo is pushing a water conservation marketing campaign directed at getting residents to use less water.

There are short commercial segments that are being ran to help residents conserve water by using tips and tricks to save water.  One with Mayor Harpole asking residents to wash their clothes by hand and another with Jarrett Atkinson 'City Manager' saying to collect our rainwater to water our lawns.

1st. I'm not going to wash my clothes by hand. It is 2011 and I bought a washing machine for a reason.

2nd. Collecting rain water requires that it does rain, and collecting rain water from a storm that occurs 2 times in 6 months doesn't make a lot of sense. What about the other 178 days?

I agree with the goal behind this and I think the people should absolutely make it a point to cut back (and I think the AISD should do the same - read here), but here are a couple of the commercials that have been run that just don't make a whole lot of sense.

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