They are candy bars big enough to eat with a knife and fork and they will be disappearing from your favorite candy vending machine next year.

It is an odd dynamic of modern society.  Cigarette companies trying to get smokers to quit.  Alcohol brewers attempting to get drinkers to drink responsible.  But a candy bar company downsizing their candy bars.  That's going too far!

Mars is attempting to encourage more responsible snaking.  To that end they are phasing out any of their chocolate bar servings above the 250-calorie mark.

This means no more king size Snickers and Butterfingers.

Although it isn't really bad news.  Starting in 2013 you'll be able to buy an amount of Snickers equal to a king size bar, you'll just get two smaller ones to save or to share.

The candy-maker says that it's not clear what size or shape the change to the regular bar will take. In other words, it could get skinnier and keep its length, or go shorter and stay a little thicker. But, the spokesperson says, "we will always preserve the great taste that consumers love."

And not all its candies will be forced to downsize. Other favorites such as the Twix bar and M&M's already fall within the 250-calorie limit.

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