You can hear Mark Levin on The New 940, KIXZ weeknights at 8pm.  Last night on his show he spoke to an issue similar to the birther movement.  Mark thinks we should have a look at the scholastic history of our president.

Here is just a slice of Mark's comments:

I remember that they hid John Kerry's records for the longest time. Remember that, Mr. Producer? Oh yeah, and then it turns out he got several Ds. I mean, I don't think everybody should have to turn over their transcripts. 'Hey, what's yours? What's yours?' That's not the point. The point is he is demanding that Romney turn over ten years of tax returns. Okay. How about you turn over a couple years of transcripts. 'No! What are you talking about? That's like a birther.' Well maybe Romney should try the same thing, 'You want ten years of tax returns, what are you a birther?'

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