A man who robbed the Toot 'n Totum at 4224 SW 34th made off with much less than he intended.

Around 11:30pm last night a man entered the store and handed the employee a note stating that he had a weapon and demanded money and lottery tickets.  The suspect managed to get one lottery ticket and an alcoholic beverage before fleeing the store.

As police were investigating the crime they learned the suspect had been in the store earlier that evening and attempted to make a purchase but his electronic payment was denied.  Police were able to use that information as well as surveillance video to identify the suspect.

A short time later an officer noticed the suspect vehicle in the 4400 block of South Western.  After finding evidence that linked the driver to the robbery he was taken into custody.  Skyler Blake Tidwell, 21 of Amarillo was booked into Randall County.