26 year old Victor Apodada took refuge in a home with a seemingly hostage but was eventually apprehended

The standoff lasted several hours.  Apaodaca eventually released his hostage and after several hours gave himselvef up to the authorities.

Apodaca is accused of injuring three DPS troopers during a traffic stop and the authorities have been looking for him for several days.  Officers were concerned that Apodaca was armed with an unspecified weapon.

By 7:15pm officers decided the suspect was not going to cooperate and were concerned the situation could become more hazardous.  At that time that the APD SWAT launched chemical irritants in the house.  Shortly after the irritants were introduce, Apodaca released his hostage. Officers retrieved the hostage and noticed a handgun in Apodaca's waistband, which later turned out to be a toy gun.

Apodaca sustained minor injuries while resisting arrest.  He was booke into Potter County on outstanding warrant charges.