A single case of mad cow has been found in California.  The news has reverberated across the world with customers cancelling orders of American beef.  You would not be out of line for being a bit paranoid, even if Amarillo is a long way from California.

I come from a beef consuming family, in fact it is the primary meat of my diet.  News of a case of mad cow in California certainly has me and other locals concerned.

Reports this cow was not intended for the food supply and did not contract the disease from contaminated feed doesn't make me feel much better.

What are the steps a consumer can take to protect themselves, short of eschewing meat?

Unfortunately no amount of cooking can rid beef of the mad cow disease.  You can lessen your risk of exposure by avoiding cow brains, neck bones, cheek meat, bone marrow and cuts of beef sold on the bone.  Choose only boneless cuts of meat and buy ground beef only if it was ground in the store.

For more see this source article.