The Panhandle has seen plenty of rain over the last week and it's pushing Lake Meredith to deeper depths.

A year ago there was much talk of turning the exposed portions of lake bed at Meredith into trails for recreational vehicles.  There were other ideas intended to revitalize the lake that had more in common with a pond than a recreational ready lake.  The solution to the lakes problems was easy enough; more water.

Unfortunately Lake Meredith is at the mercy of mother nature.  The last couple of weeks have done a lot to raise levels at the lake.

On Friday the depth was 61.06 feet.  After allowing time for storm runoff to make its way to the lake it was again measured yesterday and the depth is up two feet to 63.17.

The record high for Lake Meredith is 101.85 feet.  The record low is a little over 26 feet.