Whichever way you saw the Supreme Court's decision on Obama Care you have to admit the conservative Chief Justice siding with the liberal judges of the court was bigger news than the decision itself.  Michael Savage is not pleased.

The Savage Nation on The New 940 KIXZ is always a divisive show.  It starts weekday evenings at 5:06pm, it starts with bombs blasting, and then the host fires off a verbal onslaught.  Every day.

Michael is not happy with the Supreme Court and especially not happy with Chief Justice Roberts siding with the liberal members of the court in upholding the law.

Savage has spoken with a neurologist concerning the chief justice's use of mind-altering drugs used to treat seizures.  The doctor has stated the drugs can affect cognitive abilities.  Michael asserts this has left Roberts compromised and unable to render proper and conservative judgements.