Strange things have been afoot but not at the Circle K.

Many Amarilloans are convinced someone has put a curse, whammy, or hex on the Walmart at Georgia and I-27.  Things have certainly been interesting and a bit dangerous the last few months.

The latest incident happened on Sunday when a woman was taking her purchases to her car when she was struck and knocked down by a car.  Someone got out of the back seat of the car and took her purse.  They didn't stay long enough to apologize.

Last week a man accidentally shot himself in the leg when the pistol he was carrying in his pants fell and discharged striking him in the leg.  He tried to dispose of the weapon in a trash can and fled the store before police or an ambulance could arrive.

In July someone called in a bomb threat that caused the building to be evacuated.

The incident that has stuck with most residents is the hostage situation in June.  At first it seemed like a terrorism but it thankfully was only a disgruntled employee.  Police shot and killed him to end the standoff.

In the aftermath of the hostage situation the Walmart hired off-duty police officers but kept them only a couple of weeks.  The Amarillo police department has also said they will not focus on the store or the area and will only continue their regular patrols of the area.

As always, buyer beware.  And remember, there's plenty of Walmarts in the area not suffering from a curse, whammy, or hex.