We love science on The New 940 KIXZ.  In fact we think it is pretty fantastic.  And that's why we air 'Science Fantastic' on Sunday evenings hosted by celebrity physicist Michio Kaku.

I've read several of his books and even though the subject is heavy he has a knack for giving it light and in terms the layman can understand.  It is truly a gift of enlightenment to at least minimally understand the amazing things going on in physics today.

A writer with Forbes magazine, the science and technology writer coincidentally enough found himself sitting on a plane with Professor Kaku and got to pick his brain on the future.

There was no mention of whether this was first class or coach but Kaku is a world renowned physicist and the writer works for Forbes, you do the math.

They had a long conversation about the maturing technology of dream recording.  The technology has been proven to work but it is still years if not decades away from being able to produce literal images on one's dreams.  But it is coming.

Another scary area technology is going is the lie detecting MRI.  Medical science has proven this concept also and is still working out the kinks.  But many social questions abound concerning this technology and it will certainly be a major political issue moving forward.

If I was on a plan with Professor Kaku I'd ask him when he's going to do something other than host junk science TV shows and write junior high grade level physics books.

Find the Higgs or Dark Matter already, seriously brah!

For more see this source article.