I clearly remember the first moth I encountered during the great moth invasion of 2012.  He flew right in the patio door, was a large as Mothra and had a great personality.  We named him George and allowed him to continue his existence.  Three days later we turned the apartment into a war zone.

Thanks to the mild winter Amarillo and the greater Texas Panhandle did not experience the seasonal kill off of the moth's eggs.  They have been fruitful and multiplied.

Have you noticed swatting a moth leaves the most disgusting mess ever?

I keep imploring the birds to get after them but I don't think they find them very appetizing.

Citizens are left with little recourse other than to grin and bear it.  You can call an exterminator but they little heathens have to land in the poison for it to work.  As they have not cooperated much thus far, I don't see them jumping in to death fluid spontaneously.

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