About 8% of the American population has O- blood.

That means that only a small number of people (compared to the entire population of the U.S.) have this unique blood type.

O- is special because it is considered "universal." That means that an A+, A-, AB+, AB-, B+, B-, or O+ can accept O- blood if they need a transfusion. However, that's bad for O- people, because they, in turn, can only accept O- blood.

If you have the O- blood type and are able to give, consider donating at local blood drives. Because there is a shortage of blood, you may even be contacted to donate specifically if there is a need for an O- blood transfusion.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center hosts blood drives across the Texas Panhandle almost every day. You can check out their website for information about giving, where to give, and how to donate to their cause.

Help save a life by donating blood. You never know when you might need it!