Many tech savvy new parents are using the internet to help them decide on a name.

Naming a child is a dicey proposition.  The more common the name the less perceived individuality you provide a child.  Too unique and your child might share a name with an exotic dancer.

Yes, many a minefield names are.

Many parents are turning to Google as a critical first step.  Got a strange name? Search if for others using the name.  Search for alternate spellings.  Go all the way.  Make certain yours is the only one born. Ever.

Or do like my parents did and open the bible and find a good name there.  You can't go wrong with a good biblical name even if millions of others have it.

I find it to be a disturbing trend; this trend of basically making up a name and a spelling.  If your individuality is based solely on your name you'd be a pretty shallow person.  Strange names instantly make me feel sorry for the person as they must have had even stranger parents.

And don't forget the lifelong chip you provide your oddly named child as they hold every other person they encounter responsible for not knowing either the ridiculous spelling or unique pronunciation you bestowed on them.

Yup, that's my fault, Kaleya. Many apologies.

For more see this source article.