We enjoy Glenn Beck's radio program every weekday morning on The New 940, KIXZ.  His show is truly entertaining and enlightening.  GBTV has grown to be a major force in delivering the Glenn Beck message.  Some people just don't appreciate it.

As GBTV is an online pay service its easy to tell the detractors to buzz off and don't pay for it.  But you know liberals, they love to attack truth in broadcasting.

While GBTV is certainly geared for those that can't get enough Beck, I don't see why it is deserving of these attacks from the liberal media.  If you don't like it go watch Current TV.  Oh wait, even the few homes that sad network is available in won't even watch Current.

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic has skewered Glenn's GBTV fairly well.  He does find time to make some tongue-in-cheek compliments.  I find GBTV to be well worth the small investment to join and getting unfiltered and unadulterated Beck is invaluable.

For more see this ignorant and liberal review of GBTV.