Cheaper silk jammies and sheets may be a lot closer now that the people that like to play with DNA have toyed with the silkworm.

It's no secret that spider silk is ridiculously strong. Stronger than steel by weight.

Any attempts to get spiders corralled into a farm to make their super strong stuff is thwarted by the fact they don't make much of the stuff and they don't play well together.  Unless you consider eating one another playing well in which case they get along famously.

Researchers for decades have been trying to get silkworms to make spider silk. They have had some success but quantity was a big issue.

No more.

GM(genetically modified) worms have been produced at Wyoming University are producing a composite of worm and spider silk, just as strong and durable as spider silk itself.

Welcome to the Brave New World!

For more see this source article.