GBTV is soon to go away, but don't despair.  It's going to be reimaged as The Blaze TV.


Glenn Beck says he never liked the name 'GBTV' and now he's changing it.

His news site, The Blaze is doing great and the time has come to combine the two into one company.

The latest estimate is that GBTV has more than 300,000 subscribers, a significant reduction from Beck's nightly audience when he worked at Fox News and talked to millions on the traditional media outlet.

"We are out of the comfort zone for a lot of Americans," said Beck of GBTV.

The online network that airs Beck's program also has shows such as "Real News," a news roundtable show; "The B.S. of A," a comedy show; "Liberty Treehouse," a children's program; and "Independence USA," a reality show. Much more programming is on the way, and it will soon become a 24/7 channel.

TheBlaze launched in August 2010 and now claims more than 7 million unique visitors a month. Already before the merger, the Beck empire was increasingly falling under the "Blaze" moniker, including a print magazine.