A couple from Claredon, Texas live in fear after receiving a hate message on their front porch. Joshua Harrison and Jeremy Jeffers woke up Monday morning to this message on their front porch 'leave or die fags!' They believe that the message was linked to an anti-gay story written by a local minister. The couple from Claredon immediately contacted the police about the vandalism.

Joshua told Pronews 7 :

"I'm absolutely terrified because if there are people in this town that are willing to go to the lengths to vandalize our house and to scare us, they they might be going the lengths to do physical harm on us,"

The news broke 2 weeks ago in the local Clarendon newspaper and since that the couple has felt like they have been treated rudely. With the gay slur now painted on their front porch they now live in fear. Nobody should live in fear of their lives just because of their skin color, race, or sex preference!

To see the full story, watch the video below.