On EPTS eve the Olympics opened.  You had to know amidst all the buying, selling, and trading we'd find time to discuss the Olympics.

A weird show this last Saturday.  We had several peripheral duties to address throughout.  It resulted in our call volume being a bit lower than normal.  A good time was still had by all.

We did take time out to recognize former KIXZ employee O.J. Forsha.  He used to host a block of religious programming on 940.  I only got to work with him for about six months before he moved on.  We ran silent for a bit and invited you to sign the online guest book for his services.

We also talked a lot about the 3rd annual Plow Day.  The Panhandle Antique Tractor Association holds Plow Day.  They fire up a bunch of old tractors dating back to the 1920's and take as long as it takes to plow up 25 acres.  I've been a big history enthusiast of late and if I hadn't been on Tradio I would have been out at Plow Day.


Our weekly poll question was Olympics related.  I took in the opening ceremonies the night before.  It was pretty eclectic.  Made me think of Timothy Leary.

Whenever they hold the Olympics I'm reminded of my days in sports radio.  The learned personalities of the sports station had much disdain for the Olympics.  I wondered what you thought.  I gave you a rare third answer opportunity, just so you wouldn't offend anyone by answering in the negative.

Olympics, yes, no, or indifferent?

Yes 15

No 4

Indifferent 20

You can safely lump 'no' and 'indifferent' together.  That bumps the total to 24-15.  That held true with my assumptions.


I bring you a special rule of life with the fixed rules of the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.  I stayed with the Olympic theme.

I don't know how many medals Michael Phelps has exactly but he has plenty.  Couple that with the fact that he has obviously lost a stroke or two and is simply a shadow of the dominator we were awe struck with four years ago.  I think maybe Phelps should have sat this one out.

Rule #6: Have the courage to know when to walk away.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!