Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Not many people want snow flocking their Christmas trees this year.  At least not people listening to The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

With the recent freezing fog we had last week that left all the outdoor trees flocked with ice it got me to thinking how many people flock their Christmas Trees these days.  Apparently not many.

You can easily buy a tree pre-flocked.  This means instead of making it green the fellas at the Acme Christmas Tree Company used White #43 instead of Green #7.

Tradio listeners preferred the look of a natural tree by a wide margin, 34-8.  I like a good flocked tree but like most dislike the hassle of a spray-on job and an all white tree just doesn't cut it.

We also discussed Rule #6, which changes every week.  Unlike most week's when it is inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week I instead went with a seasonal thought.

Always be respectful to Elves.

You know, because you'll end up on the naughty list if you aren't.