Graduation is a huge right of passage for any kid.  However, when it comes to graduation presents, some parents tend to go over the top.  I got a computer for my graduation, which I used all the time in college.  That was a practical gift.  Here are five presents parents shouldn't buy their kids for graduation.

Plastic Surgery

It seems to be the trend for parents to buy their kids, plastic surgery for graduation.  This includes, nose jobs, breast augmentation, etc.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery the number of breast enhancement surgery for women under 19 has jumped 64% since 2000.

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Brand New Cars

I understand that a car is a practical item for anyone going off to college.  However, a brand new car isn't really ideal for a brand new college student.  Heck, half the universities, don't allow freshman to have a car.

Over the Top Vacations

Let's face it, going on vacation with your friends after graduation is amazing.  Road trips are fun.  In fact, I took a road trip with four of my friends after graduation.  We hopped in the truck and drove to the beach in South Texas.  It was a blast.  However, some parents tend to purchase trips for their kids in excess of $4,000.  That's a ton of money that could be saved.  You can still make awesome memories on a road trip across Texas.

A House

I know several people whose parents bought them a house to live in where they were going to college.  That's a nice thought, but really does a 18-year old need a new house.


Yes, I knew a kid who was given a Rolex for graduation.  We are talking a $5000 watch.  Don't get me wrong, it's always a good thing to know what time it is, but does an 18-year old really need a watch that expensive.

So what are some crazy, over the top, graduation presents you received or someone you know received.