Saulo Bravo is a former Amarillo Police officer who was terminated from the department two years ago.  Now he's seeking to get his job back.

In August 2014 Bravo and another officer were investigating possible criminal activity at a residence.  Bravo was not in uniform and was in an unmarked car.  The resident opened fire on both officers.

After the incident Bravo was accused of destroying a supplement to the official police report that followed the incident.  Bravo was also accused of also changing the report.  He was indicted in September 2014 on charges of tampering with evidence and tampering with a government record.  Bravo was then terminated from the police department for what the APD called, "untruthfulness".

The charges were eventually dropped but Bravo was not reinstated with the force.  Bravo has filed a grievance with hopes of getting his badge and gun back.

It is expected Bravo's attorney will argue the tampering claims were unsubstantiated and therefore no cause to terminate Bravo.

The case has gone to binding arbitration and the arbiters decision to order Bravo's reinstatement or finding sufficient evidence to justify the firing will be final with Bravo having no further recourse in his efforts to get his job back if the arbiter denies his effort at reinstatement.