It has traditionally been fairly easy to fence a stolen cell phone in Amarillo.  Wireless carriers make it quite simple.  If you show up with money and a phone they'll turn it on for you, no questions asked.  The big question being whether or not the phone was stolen.

Law abiding citizens in Amarillo and across the country have had enough.  It is truly frustrating to invest hundreds of dollars in the latest smart phone technology and have it pilfered by the dumbest of criminals who reactivate it legitimately at the carrier of their choice.  This essentially makes cell carriers accessory's to theft and that's more criminal than the prices they charge for accessories.

Thanks to the outcry of citizens, the FCC and major cell carriers have agreed to create a national database of stolen cell phones that would render them useless to anyone trying to use it once it is reported stolen.

The database is expected to go live within six months.  If you have any stolen cell phones you'll want to get them activated by then.

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