This couple adopts this young boy, then tries to kill him by dousing him in acid. I feel that is what this man's punishment should be. I will gladly contribute to the "acid fund".

It’s the kind of sadistic child abuse from which horror films are made. Adopted children, imprisoned in their bathtub, unable to escape because their father allegedly duct taped the shower curtain to the walls. One boy being burned with an acid or petroleum-type chemical, with previous evidence of torture all over his little body: a fractured clavicle and arm, scarring on his lower abdomen and buttocks and ligature marks on his wrists, implying that this 10 year old child had been tied up like an animal, straining to break free.

Investigators in West Palm Beach, Fla., believe the two people responsible for this, and so much more, are the children’s adoptive parents, Jorge and Carmen Barahona.

Jorge Barahona’s public defender left the West Palm Beach Courthouse this morning to relay the news to Barahona that once he is released from the hospital, he will likely go straight to jail.

Circuit Judge Ted Booras ordered him held on a $1 million bond, saying the 53-year-old father of four adopted children is “not only a flight risk, but a danger to himself and a danger to the community.” For now, Barahona is charged with aggravated child abuse. Many more serious charges are expected.