The mother of deceased Clements Unit inmate Alton Rogers has filed a civil suit alleging wrongdoing by the prison.

Rogers died on January 19, 2016.  His mother, Gwendolyn Patrick claims she tried to intervene on his behalf before his death but was unable to get him the medical attention she believes could have saved his life.

Patrick believes Rogers died from a lack of treatment for tuberculosis.  In the year prior to his death, Rogers dropped over 30 pounds because his illness prevented him from keeping anything down.  Requests for a special diet went unanswered.

The attorney for the family claims medical records prove Rogers had tuberculosis and was denied treatment for at least two years.  The family also claims when Rogers was seen at a hospital the facility inquired about his dramatic weight loss and representatives of the prison claimed Rogers was trying to starve himself.

The prison has maintained Rogers died after a fight with his cellmate.