The show that invites you to call in to sell the stuff you no longer need for the cash you do was back at it Saturday.

It's want ads on the radio called in by our listening audience.  It costs nothing to list whatever you'd like to sell or whatever you need with guns and ammunition the only exception.  For you gun and ammo needs we send you to Erwin Pawn.  The shame dedicated gun shops with their selection and price.  If you need a gun you need Erwin Pawn.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  Sometimes topical and other times whimsical the question helps us get to know our callers better and provides a running stream of thought during the show.

This week we were a bit famished and had food on the brain.  Earlier in the week I bought a box of waffles and have been enjoying them quite heartily.  We wondered which was your preference between waffles or pancakes.

Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes 15

Waffles 15

Split right down the middle is exactly where we like to be.  Personally I like the convenience of ready made waffles.  I have a troublesome habit of leaning towards food that take longer to eat than to make.  If I have to spend 30 minutes making it and it's gone in 5, I feel like I have been cheated.


Along with the regular rules of the program that we recite at the beginning of each hour, I also bring you a special Rule #6.  It changes every week and is sometimes inspired by something I saw or did over the previous week.

We had a couple of chilly days last week and it made the ceiling fans at the Fortress of Solitude apartment make things awfully cold.  I realized it was the time of the year to switch the direction the ceiling fans were rotating.

You want them spinning clockwise during the winter.  This blows the hot air that is collecting at the ceiling down the sides of the room.  Counterclockwise blows air straight down and creates a cooling sensation during the summer.

Rule #6: Switch ceiling fans to rotate clockwise for the winter.

Hopefully you've found something useful to make the time you've spent with Trade-A-Thon worthy.  If not, try is again next week.