The show that invites you to buy, sale, and trade was hard at work again Saturday.

It's a down home kind of thing, it's country like Hee Haw.  We do it every Saturday morning from 9 to Noon and you're invited to call in and list items for sale or you can sit back listening for something you can't live without.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  With the Summer Olympics underway and seemingly taking over half the television stations, we were curious if you were watching and if so what event you were watching for.

Are you watching the Summer Olympics?

No 18

Yes 8

Over a 2-1 margin of our callers are skipping the Olympics.  The ones that are watching mention Soccer, Rugby, Track & Field, Boxing, Gymnastics, and Swimming as the draws.


At the beginning of each hour we go over the official rules of conduct on the program.  Along with the five regular rules, I always bring you a special sixth rule that changes every week.

Sometimes inspired by something I said or did over the last week, the sixth rule is often in the eye of the listener.

Rule 6: Trade-A-Thon is presented without a guarantee, warranty, or license, expressed or implied.

In other words, don't blame us if it doesn't work!


See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!