I've railed about the annoyance of door-to-door salesmen many times both on the website and on the air. And after an incident in Dallas it's become more than an annoyance.  It's simply dangerous.

Maybe it's time to move to Royal Oak, Michigan. They are pondering a community-wide 'no-knock' list.

Preston Hollow is an upscale neighborhood in North Texas.  It's also a big target for door-to-door salesmen.  Last week a 21 year old resident was attacked with a knife when he refused to buy magazines from a door-to-door solicitor.

He had to get 11 stitches on his face.

Last week a solicitor was arrested in the same area for threatening a person for refusing the discounted magazine subscriptions.

It's another reminder that whenever someone knocks unannounced on your door don't open it.  Ask them through the door what they need.  If you don't know them, tell them to go away.  If they refuse, notify police.

Remember - not all salesman are as cool as this guy.

For more see this source article.