Reagan the dog is more than a great communicator.  He's a hero dog that saved two kittens from certain death.

About three months ago bag of kittens were placed in a Meow Mix bag and dumped in the middle of a country road near Des Moines. Reagan the dog was waking by and apparently drawn toward the bag by faint kitten cries.  Reagan dragged the bag home to his owner and whined until it was inspected.

Inside were the remains of a cat litter.  The bag had been run over at least once.  Animal Sanctuary workers are unsure how many kittens were inside, it was that gruesome.  But amongst the death and horror were two left, barely alive.

The kittens were so weak they had to be bottle fed every two hours.  The first few days were dicey at best.  Three months later the kittens have made a full recovery and are now awaiting adoption.

It goes to show there are always better ways of dealing with unwanted animals than tossing them in the road.

For more see this source article.