40 different civil rights organizations are claiming two men were racially profiled, falsely arrested, and mistreated by authorities while traveling aboard a Greyhound bus that had stopped in Amarillo.
The organizations have joined the Sikh Coalition, demanding accountability and an investigation after Daijeet Singh and Monhammed Chotri were detained by authorities on February 21, 2016.  Singh claims he was held for nearly 30 hours after being arrested at gunpoint.

Singh is an asylum seeker from India and speaks limited English.  He wears a turban and his beard are both part of his Sikh identity.  The turban and beard are meant to represent equality, justice, and tolerance for all.  Sikh are often misunderstood and falsely linked with terrorism.

The coalition of civil rights organizations joining the Sikh Coalition include the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and a fairly diverse group of organizations from across the country.

Rebecca L. Robertson, Legal and Policy Director at the ACLU of Texas has said of the incident, "The steady stream of xenophobic rhetoric from politicians in Texas has contributed to a climate in which innocent people are targeted for discrimination, racial profiling, and police overreach."