The Children's Miracle Network Radiothon is just around the corner.  We are having it early this year and we are super excited.  We wanted to introduce you to a few of our miracle kids before the event.  Today we would like to share the CMN story of Sammy Sanchez.

Sanchez Family

From Sammy's mother Krystine:

Sammy began his junior year playing outside linebacker on the varsity football team. There was not anything that Sammy couldn’t do once he set his mind to it! One typical afternoon, we received a call – please come pick Sammy up from football practice; he was complaining that his back hurt. We picked him up (knowing that football boys are knocked around hard and fast on the football field) and immediately knew this was unlike a typical football injury.

After a few days of rest, doctor’s visits and medication, Sammy was not getting better.   Within a week he was unable to stand or walk on his own.  Sammy was admitted to BSA. He had X-rays, CT scans, multiple MRI’s, lab work, and saw doctor after doctor. Finally, a diagnosis was made: an infarction of the spinal cord, multiple herniated disks and thoracic paraparesis. After working with a physical therapist and learning how to maneuver with a walker he was released from the hospital.  Sammy’s upper body strength and the walker supported him. We brought Sammy home and were completely unprepared for what lie ahead of us.  Sammy went from running up and down the football field to using a walker and wheel chair to move around.

With the help of a family friend, we were put in touch with Children’s Miracle Network. Our family cannot put into words the positive impact Children’s Miracle Network has had on our family. All Sammy’s medical equipment for the bathroom was not covered by our private insurance.  CMN stepped in and completely fitted the bathroom with grab bars and all equipment that helped Sammy remain safe and as independent as possible. All copays for his medical equipment such as his adjustable bed and walker, his medication copays, physical therapy and doctor visit copays were all billed directly to CMN.

Eventually, Sammy had a spinal cord stimulator implanted. All of this and much more

Sanchez Family

has been made possible by the generosity of Children’s Miracle Network.
There are some differences with our “new normal” as a family but, this has brought us all closer and taught us not to take anything for granted. Sammy has made an outstanding recovery! Sammy no longer has to walk with assistance.  He wears a brace to help stabilize his spine, is on a great medication regimen and uses his spinal cord stimulator daily.  We are all grateful for a second chance. Sammy is especially grateful for the second chance that he has been given and attributes much of his successful recovery to the generosity of CMN. Sammy’s focus in life has changed since being injured. Sammy plans to seek his Masters of Divinity, attend Seminary and hopes to become a Youth Pastor. He strives daily to make a difference and is thankful for what the Lord has done for him.

Miracles really do happen! We have seen God’s hand throughout this journey.   We have been blessed by so many! Our family is so grateful for the gift of CMN and the generosity of others who put their money where the miracles are!

-The Sanchez Family


Tune in on April 23rd & April 24th for the Children's Miracle Network Radiothon & Miracle Up Festival.

We invite you to take this awesome journey with us. We will introduce you to some really awesome kids who have defied the odds, just like Sammy.

The Children's Miracle Network's mission is to promote and improve the quality of children's healthcare.

They help families here in the Texas Panhandle.  100% off all money raised will stay local to help our kids.