Using a portable cell phone jammer is against Federal law.  Talking loudly on your cell phone should be against the law too.

A Philadelphia man was recently featured on the local news there.  Apparently when riding the city bus he had a habit,  with the help of a hand held cell phone jammer, kept fellow riders from using their cell phones.

The man called himself "Eric" and when television cameras busted him he took a defensive stance. “I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.”  Eric says he doesn’t want to hear people talking on their cell phones in public. “It’s still pretty irritating and quite frankly it’s pretty rude,” said Eric.  Eric says he’s firing up a cell phone jammer that he bought online to shut down conversations he doesn’t want to hear. “A lot of people are extremely loud, no sense of just privacy or anything, when it becomes a bother, that’s when I screw on the antenna and flip the switch,” said Eric.

He was informed this was a violation of Federal laws and has destroyed the device and swears he won't ever use it again.

It may be against the law to use them but they are readily available from

I may have to pick one of those up.  I'm on Eric's side!

For more and the video see this source article.