Last night the pursuit and apprehension of a suspect led to a grass fire.

An investigator with the county DA's office was driving home when he saw a car speeding down I-40 near FM 2161.

Eventually the car left the roadway and pulled into driveway of Mike Daniels.  Daniels came outside and informed the man that he was trespassing on private property and he needed to leave.

Eventually it was discovered the car was stolen out of Oklahoma City.

During the pursuit the suspect fled on foot  through a field.  Carson Country Sheriff's Deputies drove into the field to continue the chase.  As the suspect was apprehended the Sheriff's Deputy noticed his car was on fire.  It is believed the tall grass and hot vehicle started the wildfire.

One Carson County Sheriff's caught fire while they were apprehending the suspect.  It is believed the tall grass and the hot cars ignited the grass.  It quickly caught the Deputy's car on fire.  A second Panhandle Police vehicle also caught fire.

Due to there being live rounds in the Deputy's vehicle was allowed to burn out from a distance as it was full on live ammunition. The vehicle is a total loss  The Panhandle vehicle was saved with only minor burs.

The suspect is charged with for the stolen vehicle and a charge of Second Degree Felony-Criminal Mischief,  The second charge is due to the two vehicles that were burned.