Construction on the new aquatic center in Canyon is set to begin.

Voters approved the $6 million dollar budget last November.  As the city began to take in bids for the project it became clear the project had budget issues.  Every bid came in higher than expected.

Since the contract was approved the city has been working with the contractor on cutbacks that would keep the project at its approved price tag while not affecting any planned services.

To accomplish this most of the cutbacks are cosmetic and not integral to the park.  Examples include eliminating an ornate archway at the entrance, cheaper light fixtures, and not putting a veneer finish on the retaining walls.  It is expected park goers will not miss the anything with the changes.

In all over $481,000 in changes were made to keep the project at budget.  Additionally city commissioners have approved up to $250,000 of reserve money available to spend on the park for any other unforeseen costs.