The City of Amarillo enacted its Drought Contingency Plan last week.  At this point it is voluntary.  It's a different story in Canyon.

Canyon is in stage two of their plan and it is compulsory.  Unfortunately many residents are not complying and the complaints have been flooding in.

Canyon Police and the Canyon Water Department will begin monitoring compliance.  Violators will face a warning up to a citation.  The city could also decided to discontinue water service for heavy violators.

The city has set up a database to track offenders.

The restrictions are:

No watering on Monday

Odd numbered addresses water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Even numbered addresses water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Hand watering is allowed for one hour per day, any day.

The City of Canyon is also asking residents to check sprinklers for damage or malfunction.  They are also discouraging non-essential water uses like in pools and fountains.

You can contact the city at 806-655-5011