Last week a student on a Canyon ISD bus took a nap and missed their stop.

The bus made it all the way back to Canyon ISD's bus facility before the student was discovered.  The student was taken back to their campus and the parent was called.

Canyon ISD is still looking into the incident and released this statement:

"Canyon ISD addressed a bus related situation which occurred last week when a student fell asleep on the school bus and did not exit with the other students at the campus.  The bus returned to the Canyon ISD bus facility with the student asleep on board.  Immediately upon learning of the student’s presence on the bus, the student was returned to the campus, the parent was notified, and an investigation began into the circumstances. 
Providing a safe and secure environment for students is one of the highest priorities for Canyon ISD.  The District has procedures in place designed to prevent this situation.  We have already implemented corrective action with those involved and are taking additional steps with other staff to ensure a similar incident is not repeated.
Out of respect for the family, and due to state and federal privacy laws, the District will not disclose any further information or make any additional comment concerning this matter.