With Amarillo growing south, schools in the Canyon Independent School Distract are quickly getting cramped. 

The City of Amarillo conducted a study in 2015 with developers and learned that of 8 subdivisions that are are being built in Amarillo, 6 of those fall into the Canyon I.S.D boundaries. That significant of growth in the district calls for bigger or new facilities to ensure the community proper education.

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Canyon already has 15 campuses, 8 of which fall in south Amarillo. The first of many new schools to be built in CISD will be near south Sundown Lane, and east Western Avenue.


Last year, the school system received a $27 million building bond to help fund the new schools.

CISD plans to break ground in November 2016 and the school will be open to new students in August 2018.

You can contact the Canyon Independent School District by clicking here.

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