Buying an airline ticket has never been easy but it's been made harder and harder by all the fine print.

Ever since the economy turned down the airlines have turned up the fees and the volume they advertise how cheap they are.

Those advertisements are usually witty and have a low fare rate with REALLY BIG NUMBERS and beside it you notice an asterisk.  Said asterisk leading to a paragraph of fine print you can't read with 1080p or a microscope.

Beginning January 24th the Transportation Department will begin to enforce a rule that any advertised price for air travel include all government fees and taxes.  For the last 25 years the airlines have been asterisking that hoping you wouldn't notice it.  And expecting you wouldn't care when you were paying what now was an inflated fare.

Of course this won't eliminate all the fine print.  Just the parts about what cut the government is getting off your flight.

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