The Big Texan will soon be growing and they may have to up the challenge to a 92 ounce steak.

Bobby Lee and The Big Texan announced in June a new Big Texan with big attractions and more.  The time line for completion of the project is a bit clearer now.

The blueprints for the "Bigger" Texan have been completed and submitted to the City of Amarillo for approval.  It is anticipated the city will sign off on the plans.

The goal is to turn the Big Texan from kitschy local icon to a full blown tourist destination for travelers across the country.  Not only a new restaurant but a water park, hotel, gun ranges, recreational areas and more are planned and the designing stage is now complete.  It is possible the water park will be designed by the same group that constructed the Great Wolf Lodge although other companies have been approched.  The Big Texan's water park will remain open all year round.

Bobby Lee believes the new Big Texan will be completed within 2 years.