A campaign staffer working for Bernie Sanders was fired after he accessed Hillary Clinton's campaign files and peeked at her voter data.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the two Democratic candidates in the 2016 presidential race. Oh wait, there's Martin O'Malley. Does he count?

Anyway, the opponents couldn't be more opposite. Sanders hates rich people; Clinton gets $600 haircuts. Sanders states his opinion; Clinton never gives a straight answer. Sanders is going for the young voters; Clinton wants to win the older middle class, especially racial minorities.

However, they have one thing in common: they tend to access information in ways that isn't really acceptable by constitutional standards.

Josh Uretsky, a staffer on the Bernie Sanders campaign, was fired after he accessed private files from Clinton's campaigns.

Apparently, there was a software error in the database the campaigns use to access voter information. Uretsky claims he was only trying to see what information from the Sanders campaign was compromised because of the error and accidentally saw Clinton's stuff.

Because of this oopsie, the Sanders campaign has been suspended from accessing its voter database until they can prove that they didn't mean to access Clinton's information and have discarded anything they did hang on to.

This means Sanders won't be able to target prospective supporters, which could be a huge hit to his campaign.

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