Cupcakegate has troubled viewers across the internet.  The story goes like this.

Somebody thought they'd be cute and try to circumvent the rules regarding gels on airlines where it pertained to cupcakes.

The TSA considers frosting a gel and as such it is not allowed on airlines.  Or at least cupcakes with frosting are not allowed.  A cupcake is not a cupcake without frosting, IMHO.

And these cupcakes were in a jar.  Meaning they were "sealed", another attempt at circumventing the rules.  Amazingly enough two flights were boarded without incident with the cupcakes.  A third attempt was thwarted and the contraband was confiscated.

This has led the Silver Spoon Bakery in Rhode Island to create what they believe to be a truly TSA compliant cupcake.

The $4 treat is topped with exactly 3-ounces of non-gel containing frosting and sold in a TSA mandated clear plastic quart-sized sealed bag.  It even comes with a decorative Richard Nixon saying "I am not a gel".  And your $4 gets your cupcake a fake boarding pass.

For more see this source article.