A wild Saturday of bringing buyers and sellers together has once again been completed.  It was a very busy show and it was Earth Day Eve.  Yep, we talked trees.

I never said 'earth' once during the show.  I said 'earf'.  I don't know how many noticed but since that is the ever more popular way to say the name of our planet, I played along.  We also talked a lot about Coffee Memorial Blood Center and their critical shortage of Type-O Negative blood this last weekend.  Hopefully everybody got what they needed.

And I made a terrible joke about The Mack Dick Pavilion making John Stiff feel better but I'm not sure how many people feel good about that one.


Our big question of the week was topical and connected to Earth Day.  We simply had to know if you thought you were a 'tree hugger'.

Besides the bombastic definition, I was looking more to see if callers respected or disrespected the environment.  Personally I find it hard to kill anything.  Even moths I feel somewhat bad for disposing of.  I presume God created the creature, it's up to him to take it out.  Of course I feel differently about cows, chickens and roaches but I draw the line somewhere.  I consider myself somewhat of a tree hugger.  I don't dispose of household grease in the dumpster unless I absolutely have to.

It was a close vote: Tree Huggers - 26, Tree Haters - 20.


Each week I hopefully bring you something aforismic in the form of Rule #6.  It is inspired by something that happened to me during the previous week.  This week's was inspired by a trip to Lubbock I took last weekend.

The last time I went to Lubbock around Christmas my cell phone charger didn't make it home with me.  I forgot to repack it.  On my trip last weekend I endeavored to keep that from happening.  I came up with a very simple solution.

Rule #6 - Pack the cell charger after each charge.

Even if you are staying at your destination multiple days I highly recommend placing your charger back in your luggage after each charge.  It will become a habit and you'll never leave it behind if you follow this all important Rule #6.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!