Although I'm not a gun owner, I'm a believer in our 2nd Amendment privileges.  I do not understand however, how a gun owner could forget to leave their weapon at home when taking an airplane flight.

According to the TSA Blog, last week someone did just that.  It's the second time in two weeks someone has tried to board a plane at Rick Husband Airport while carrying a gun in their carry on bag.

This latest incident happened last Monday when an unloaded .380 caliber firearm was found in a carry on bag.  There was not a round in the chamber.  The passenger is facing a fine of up to $11,000.  Personally, I think that's a bit low.

This last week a record breaking 73 firearms were discovered in carry on bags across the country.  68 of those were loaded with 27 of them holding a round in the chamber.

The TSA reminds you to leave your guns at home, it isn't worth the fine and it certainly not worth the trouble.